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Dr Sarmad Channo

Dr. Sarmad Channo


Dentistry is a perfect profession for a kid who started planning his career path at a young age, by the time I was 10, I had already considered being a pilot, doctor, and an engineer. Becoming a dentist was a final plan and a perfect fit.

Early on I was a creative kid with an inquiring mind. I was a perfectionist and easily built relationships based upon caring and a listening ear. That is a great description of me as a youngster and how I still am today.

Since I received my doctorate degree from New York University Dental School, I have continued studying to broaden my expertise far beyond the foundation of general / wellness dentistry and into dental Implants and Orthodontics, graduated from Progressive Orthodontic Seminars in California with highest honors, serve as an instructor and consultant for McGann Postgraduate School of dentistry and Progressive Orthodontic Seminars.

I am married to my wife Lubna and I have 2 wonderfull boys, Paul (20) and Peter (15).  In my spare time, I enjoy Golfing, Fishing and Traveling around the world.

Dr. Monks

Dr. Monks


For almost forty years, I have been pleased to serve as a dental healthcare provider in Rochester. I have also have been very fortunate over the years to have been blessed with some outstanding individuals as staff members who have worked for me for years at a time. Over the years, we have treated thousands of individuals as patients and I would like to thank everyone past and present.

I feel that these past years haven’t been just about dentistry, but also about good personal relationships and I consider many of my patients as friends.

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