For those seeking choices over traditional braces, ClearCorrect provides a great alternative in the form of a clear aligner system. In the same category as Invisalign, these are often suggested by orthodontists and dentists with the certifications to do so. Custom-made removable clear aligners work overtime to move teeth gradually to create an incredible new smile that’s revitalized and straight.

What Patients Seeking ClearCorrect Should Know

When you’re seeking treatment with ClearCorrect, there are a number of things you need to know. It starts with the creation of a model of your teeth. This is usually accomplished with a combination of radiographs, photographs, and impressions. Once these are collected, they’ll be sent to the ClearCorrect laboratory with a prescription for your aligners. A perfectly matched 3D dental model will be made based on these details to be used in the creation of your treatment plan. This treatment plan will include a series of ClearCorrect alignment trays that will gradually adjust your teeth into their final position.

The ClearCorrect Treatment Process

Treatment with ClearCorrect involves aligner therapy through four separate phases. Each of these phases lasts three weeks, during which a stage of the aligners is worn. This three week period permits flexibility and control in the treatment.

ClearCorrect treatment is preferred by those who are able to benefit from it due to its convenience. Unlike traditional braces, ClearCorrect aligners can be taken out when eating and drinking, so you can still enjoy all your favorite foods. Even more importantly, you don’t have to work around them when doing your daily hygiene routine due to being removable.

Length of Treatment Time

The amount of time needed to reach the desired results differs from patient to patient. The severity of the misalignment and the specific condition responsible for causing it are the most relevant factors. The most common duration of treatment is between one and two years. To accommodate this, there are three different treatment options available:

  • Limited  12: A 12 aligner series
  • Limited  6: A 6 aligner series
  • Unlimited:  This method provides as many aligners as needed to address the case.

Treatment cost can vary by the selected option, with Unlimited obviously being the most expensive of the lot. A ClearConnect consultation with our provider is the best way to figure out which one is right for you, and what the involved costs will be.

Who Can Benefit From ClearCorrect Treatment?

Adult and teen patients in the Rochester, MI area who are needing orthodontic correction are most often able to benefit from this treatment. ClearConnect aligners have been proven to be effective for many orthodontic concerns. In some cases, children without their molars and seniors with exceptionally complicated dental cases may be eligible as well, but a consultation will be required to make a determination.

The following conditions can generally benefit from ClearCorrect Treatment:

  • Crowded teeth
  • Spacing between teeth
  • Overbites
  • Underbites
  • Crooked  or turned (rotated) teeth


Ready to find out if ClearConnect can help you get the smile you’ve always dreamed of? Reach out to our clinic locally and schedule an appointment today! During your appointment, your case will be assessed and consultation on treatment options provided!


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